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Safety Stories:
Safety Stories:

Prevent Accidents and Injuries from Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

July 07, 2020

Chemical burns, respiratory problems, fires and explosions can all result from failure to recognize the hazards associated with chemicals in the workplace. OSHA recommends these steps to be sure workers are informed and aware of chemical dangers on the jobsite:

  • Train employees on the risks of all hazardous chemicals being used in the facility.
  • Maintain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each chemical in the facility.
  • Make sure this information is accessible to employees at all times and in languages or formats that are clearly understood by all affected personnel.
  • Train employees on how to read and use the MSDS.
  • Be sure to follow manufacturer's MSDS instructions for handling hazardous chemicals.
  • Train employees to clean up spills, protect themselves and properly dispose of used materials.
  • Provide spill clean-up kits in areas where chemicals are stored and have a written spill control plan.
  • Provide proper personal protective equipment and enforce its use.
  • Ensure that all chemicals are stored safely and securely.

For more information on chemical hazards and toxic substances, visit OSHA's website at: